Holiday to a Cornish Tesco

April 22, 2014



The most magical place I knew as a child was the Tesco supermarket cafe in Truro, Cornwall. Long after I had unearthed the fiction behind pounds under the pillow and Christianity’s various bearded men, the cafe’s spell remained a mysterious phenomenon. Our family of four held an annual pilgrimage to visit the hallowed site. My […]

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Let’s Get Social 2014

April 15, 2014



This is what happens when marketing people get together.   It is honestly worse than war.

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Travel: Chiang Rai

April 6, 2014



It would be too easy to say that Chiang Rai is essentially a smaller version of Chiang Mai, but it is, so I will. Chiang Rai is essentially a smaller version of Chiang Mai. After dumping our growing rucksacks at the Orchids Guesthouse, we headed out to find some lunch. We were delighted to find […]

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Shropshire to Ayutthaya

January 27, 2014


Originally posted on The Act of Leaving:
Packing the night before: We decided to temporarily bypass Bangkok and head straight for the temples 70km north. After a journey lasting longer than Britney’s marriage to Jason Alexander, we arrived at the Tamarind, our guesthouse in Ayutthaya. Havigng dumped our bags, we got a lift to a…

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Goal-oriented: What ‘Football Manager’ can teach you about the graduate job hunt

January 7, 2014



I have always considered my love of football to be a source of embarrassment, somewhat of an anomaly in my character. The appeal of the game’s passion and rivalry was dampened by the obsession with scrutiny and analysis, frame-by-frame deconstruction of something otherwise transcendental. Before I found Football Manager, I used to laugh at the […]

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I went to Harry Potter World – The Independent

November 23, 2013



Originally posted on James G. Ashford:
Like music, the Internet and big hair, Harry Potter has been a defining part of my existence for as long as I care to remember. My earliest Potter memory is of sitting on a tiny caravan bed, next to my sister, as my dad read the name of book…

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A Supertram Named Desire

September 16, 2013


by Daisy Harrison For the past four nights I’ve sat in the same position on my parents’ sofa, sending candy crush lives back and forth to my mum, and watching sex in the city reruns on comedy central extra. Enthralling right? I’ve no complaints though, this is exactly the way I imagined myself preparing for […]

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